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TOYO CONTROL, the Japanese preferred over load checker for crane "MOMENTLIMITER" manufacturer.
It has been mechanizing lately in transportation, cargo work, civil engineering and construction industry.
However, accident in those field has been increasing, because MOMENTLIMITER is developed for purpose operation of crane which are used in all industry and it officially is authorized by JCA.
MOMENTLIMITER is strictly checked with quality control and has greatly sales results which tells its reliability.
Company Profile

Established in 1974, TOYO CONTROL develops, produces and supplies over load checker for crane "MOMENTLIMITER" and relative sensors. We serve all industry sectors and supply through construction equipments. Our MOMENTLIMITER and sensors, fixed and portable monitoring systems together with their ancillary equipment such as switchboxes and cable assemblies all provide you with reliable, accurate and cost-effective monitoring and measurement in order to protect promptly a crane from an accident on falling down or breakdown..

Trade Name TOYO CONTROL Co.,Ltd.
Establishment 1974
Capital JPY30,000,000-Japan--- USD800,000.00-China
Representative Director Rie Morimura-President
Head Office 20-1,Kamitoda,Toda-shi, Saitama 335-0022
--TEL +81-48-445-8200
--FAX +81-48-445-8211

Head Office Factory 20-1,Kamitoda,Toda-shi, Saitama 335-0022
Gunma Factory 150-1, Zenkeijimachi,Numata-shi, Gunma, 378-0064
China Factory Zhu Jia Jiao, Qingpu, Shanghai, China

Gravity Type Angle Detecter
Level Tupe Angle Detector
Clino Switch
Load Cell Unit
Load Limiter
Rope-End Type Load Detector
Three-Sheave Type Load Detector-----
Wire Harness

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